Company information

CSEFÉM Ltd was established in 2013. NEMES Wood, Metal and Plastic Mould Manufacturing Ltd (established in 1992) joined CSEFÉM Ltd in 2017. After the merge, CSEFÉM Ltd became capable to serve its business partners in the field of tool and mould manufacturing in the full range of foundry industry.

Our profile

The tool manufacturing department of CSEFÉM Ltd is well-equipped with machines (machining centres, wire and block eroding machines, all conventional equipment) for producing high quality tools.
The moulding manufacturer department is furnished with conventional wood manufacturing machines like plate cutting machine, milling machine, planning machine, grinding machine and a 3-axle CNC milling machine.


Through its high quality tool and moulding manufacturing - with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audited systems and the well-qualified and experienced staff - CSEFÉM Ltd guarantees its partners the full customer satisfaction.
Most of the skilled workers of CSEFÉM Ltd working for the company for over 10-15 years have high level work experience.

Production and design

Tool manufacturing

The tool manufacturing plant is producing casting and punching tools for the Hungarian and foreign high-pressure die casting foundries. These tools are produced for the foundries which are involved in casting aluminium components for the world’s reputable automobile industry manufacturers like MBW, Mercedes, VOLVO, VW, AUDI and Porsche.


In another department of CSEFÉM Ltd wood and plastic moulds are produced for casting iron, steel or aluminium castings made by hand moulding. These products are mainly delivered to Austrian, German, Swiss and Russian foundries.
These small and medium size mouldings are produced up to 5.000 x 2.500 x 2.000 mm and/or OD 2.500 mm.


With subcontractors CSEFÉM Ltd is in excellent position with computer-aided high-tech programs to perform complete mould-designing and tool planning processes.
In cooperation with the company’s customers, CSEFÉM Ltd is ready to work with 3D program systems (Pro/E,Solid Edge aso) to make fast prototypes of moulds and tools, develop technologies, create the liquid metal virtual filling processes.

Repair, renovation

CSEFÉM Ltd is supplementing, renewing or maintaining old tools as well.

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